Warcraft POP!

POP! figure collectors, Warcraft fanatics, you need these in your life! I have most of these myself, because well I NEEDED them. Here is the collection: (list does not include dorbz figures)

#1 Arthas

#2 Deathwing

#3 Thrall

#4 Durotan

#5 Garona 

#6 King Llane

#7 Lothar

#8 Orgrim

#9 Illidan (vaulted)

#10 Sylvanas

#11 Murloc (vaulted)

#12 Murloc (white) GameStop Exclusive

#13 Mur’Ghoul Blizzcon Ltd Edition

#14 Murloc (spectral) Blizzcon Ltd Edition

Image result for mur'ghoul

#15 Illidan (shadow) Blizzcon Ltd Edition

Related image

#16 Illidan (Gold) Asia

Image result for gold illidan

#17 Deathwing (gold) Asia

Related image


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